The “cute” i10 TWS AirPods headphones on your ears

Machine in life, is essential. Whether it’s listening to music, watching TV, or talking on the phone, video… All of us need the company of earphones, especially in public places. Wearing earphones can avoid affecting the people around us. Today I would like to recommend a lovely earphone, i10 TWS AirPods earphone.

i10 TWS AirPods earphone

“Cute to drive” to open the box
First of all, let’s have a look at the simple unpacking. From the appearance, at the first glance, you will feel that this is very cute and the shape is very cute. If you don’t say it is a i10 TWS Earbuds headset, you should not be able to see it, right?

i10 TWS AirPods

On the back is some information about the product. The product model is sc-ts01, with a weight of about 50g and a single earphone of about 10g. Three features: wireless connection, usb charging interface and multi-function control.
The package contains: a user manual, a data line, a hanging rope, three pairs of ear caps and the host for i10 TWS Wireless Earphone.

i10 TWS Earbuds
This is the main view of the product. A pair of big “eyes” is the headset to be introduced this time. This lovely face is its charging seat. The battery capacity of the charging base is 500mAh, and 50mAh rechargeable lithium battery is built in the left and right ears. When fully charged, the two-ear listening time can be up to 2.5 hours, which can basically meet the daily commuting time.
There is an “OPEN” button at the bottom, and when you press and hold the button, you can take out the earphone.

This is the effect after taking off, without the “eye” charging seat, it seems very silly. “Two big eyes” is also very cute. The earphone also has magnetic suction, which can be directly absorbed when it is put into the charging seat.

It has a rope-hanging hole and a charging port on the back, which at first glance looks like an open-mouthed imp, which is also very interesting. The package is provided with a hanging rope, which can be directly inserted into the hole. With the hanging rope, it can be hung on the bag to prevent the loss of the charging seat.
In the “whites of big eyes” section, there is an indicator light that flashes when connected, a red light flash when power is low, and a voice alert when power is low

The “cute pet” test on the ear bud

First, press the headset out of the charging dock and the experience begins.
You can choose a suitable earcap according to your ears, so that you will feel more comfortable when wearing it. On the earphone, there are left and right ears to distinguish, and left and right ears to distinguish according to the L/R on the earphone.

The connection is also very simple. When the headset is off, press and hold the “multi-function button” for 3 seconds, and the ear will automatically start up and enter the pairing mode. After the headset pairing is completed, open the i10 TWS bluetooth connection of the mobile phone named “sc-ts01” to connect. If you want the headset to be able to pick up the phone, you can allow this access. After the connection, you can listen to the music.

i10 TWS AirPods Earbuds

The earphone is very good in connection stability, without serious delay, sound quality is good, no noise, the overall effect is very good, 8mm hi-fi speaker, so that the sound performance, also very ideal, bass effect is very good. Stereo, HIFI sound quality, more immersive.
Lovely modelling, put where, appear very good-looking.

1. Multi-function control: multi-function button, one-key operation, more simple and convenient. Switch the machine, make a phone call, play, pause, are very convenient operation.

2. The fashionable and lovely shape adds a lot of interest.

3. Wireless connection, more convenient to use, binaural stereo, dual-mode i10 TWS Wireless Airpods , make the connection more stable.

i10 TWS AirPods Earbuds Earphone

Although the use time is not very long, but with the use of charging seat, you will not worry, the power is not enough, of course, it is not recommended to wear for a long time, or the need for reasonable use, pay attention to the rest of the ear.

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