Book Vessel for Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

There is a earlier vessel for Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale dated on 9th, (we need to load the container 8th ), it also need six days to arrive at your port. but the time is so tight for your side payment.

if you can arrange the payment on Monday on time ,then it will be no problem .

wait for your early confirmation about the vessel for Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

Please send the final invoice and packing list the we will be able to confirm for payment date.

1.thanks for your kind help ,we will wait for your payment slip.
2.we had arranged them release telex yesterday ,anyway ,we will push them to fasten today.
3.pls kindly find our COA in the attaching here.thanks in advanced!

did you receive Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale? if there is any comments ,pls feel free to contact us.

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