Note 10 glory into the net, after watching it or darling to buy the mi Max 3

The galaxy Note 10 was officially announced when xiaomi started preheating the mi Max 3. By the time the mi Max 3 was released and ready to CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE, the official release date of the galaxy Note 10 had not been given. The previous high level of disclosure on the Internet has made users more eager for the phone, but the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Now the Note 10 has entered the ministry of Internet industry and information technology, and it is expected to be disappointed.
The previous information did not know whether the users were naughty or the smoke bombs deliberately released by the authorities. The specifications of the Note 10 are very high. The galaxy Note 10 has a 6.95-inch screen, but the resolution is not the rumored 2K, but a 1080×2220 samsung AMOLED screen.
The battery capacity is not the rumored 6, 000 mah, but 4, 900 mah, lower than the xiaomi Max 3. There is no doubt that the processing chip is Kirin 970, and huawei is now rushing to use it in large Numbers before the Kirin 980 arrives. The galaxy Note 10 has 6+64, 6+128 and 8+256 storage versions. The main camera, unsurprisingly, has a dual camera design, with black and blue versions.
For others, it’s disappointing to see many netizens here. The expected 2K screen is gone, and the battery is reduced to 4900mAh. In this respect, the Kirin 970 is not as good as the xiaomi Max 3. The xiaomi Max series is positioned at the low end of the range, and the honorable Note 10 is positioned at the high end. In the past, the price of the Note 10 has been much higher.

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