The xiaomi 9 CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE or its first 48-megapixel 3-photo 1/2-inch bottom + snapdragon 855

While xiaomi is preparing to continue polishing the IMX363 sensor on the MIX3, the next generation of its digital flagship product looks set to take a big leap forward. Not only will the three-lens design be introduced for the first time, but it will also be equipped with SONY’s newly released 48-megapixel IMX586 sensor, or will rely on the powerful support of one-half inch “big bottom” and the new snapdragon 855 processor, which will completely change people’s impression of the camera effect of the xiaomi phone.
Milletxiaomi 9 CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE with 48MP 3 photography
When SONY officially launched the IMX586 stack CMOS yesterday, there was speculation that the camera sensors would be on the flagship models of those manufacturers’ brands. In practice, however, the answer is already, before the SONY IMX586 has not yet released it industry insiders revealed that the next generation millet digital flagship series will use three design, as to the three sensor model of concrete is respectively IMX586 + IMX351 + SS3M5, seems to be still the combination of SONY and samsung sensor, but in terms of specifications is unknown.
Now as the SONY IMX586 officially released, which means that the next generation digital flagship series of millet, or the legendary milletxiaomi 9 CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE with three cameras, Lord will reach 48 million pixels, the deputy will be taken 16 million pixels have been confirmed, for the third of the CMOS camera because has not been officially released, so temporary not clear.
Snapdragon 855 processor
It’s worth noting that the snapdragon 845 processor doesn’t have a 48-megapixel output capability, so even after the IMX586 shipped in September this year, the phone brand that is going to use CMOS will either have an ISP or only hope to upgrade the fabled snapdragon 855 processor. However, thexiaomi 9 CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE should not be launched until next spring, and industry sources have revealed that the device is still liu haiping’s design and will run on the snapdragon 855 processor, which is expected to provide perfect support for the IMX586 sensor.
Although now also cannot think millet could start IMX586,  according to the personage inside course of study on weibo, samsung S10 although there are three design, but the sensor size is not more than 1/2.3 of an inch, while huawei Mate 20 series will continue to grind the huawei P20 series of CMOS, the next generation iPhone already finalize the design, and for SONY’s flagship product in the future is basically is not considered, so the anecdotal speculated that perhaps only OPPO and vivo might have with millet for IMX586 starting.
There is still a gap compared to the IMX600
The 48-megapixel IMX586 sensor will inevitably be compared with the 40m-pixel IMX600 used by huawei’s P20 Pro. But in fact, the IMX586 can be seen as a take-out version of the IMX600, using a similar technology. The difference is that the effective pixel of the IMX600 is 40 million pixels.
But because of the IMX586 cost nearly 180 yuan, plus the legendary milletxiaomi 9 CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE or 3 design, the cost will increase, so if millet don’t want to continue to push up digital flagship series of price, then maybe a similar millet 8 explore version of the model, launched a special version of carrying three cameras, then hit the market at a higher price on sale.

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