The cheaper iPhone has a 5mm border? There are incurable design problems

According to foreign media speculation, apple will release three new iphones this year, and the model is completely different from last year’s iPhone8 series. All three new iphones are based on the design of last year’s iPhone X and will feature a liu haiping. CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE

Two of them will carry OLED screens, 6.5 inches and 5.8 inches, respectively. There is also a 6.1-inch iPhone, which will be cheaper than the other two, with an IPS LCD screen but a 3D face unlock. But Forbes recently published a report suggesting that there may be a design problem with the cheaper iPhone. What is it?

Online exposure before the original model diagram of the three new iphones, you can see from the photos, the middle is 6.1 inch cheap version of the iPhone, because the material is IPS LCD screen, so it seems the borders part to appear more wider, so the magazine pointed out that compared with 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch version of the new iPhone, a cheap version of the iPhone look a bit like model toys.
Not only that, but before twitter revealed a madman Ben Geskin has revealed that the three new iphones thickness of the border, the cheap version iPhone border thickness is 5 mm, and the other a 6.5 inch frame for 4 mm thickness of the iPhone, although the gap is not big, but can be visible on this details, especially for the appearance level control. This design problem can be largely ignored if the powder only CARES about performance.

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