Samsung folding CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE will launch 7 features next year

We’ve heard for years that samsung is working on the folding CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE Galaxy X, but it’s still not on the market. The Wall Street journal recently reported that the long-rumored folding phone is expected to be released next year.
Many handset makers, including apple, are said to be working on similar folding CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs. But if samsung sticks to that path, it could become a market leader because it has an added advantage: it is the maker of flexible OLED screens.
Here’s a sneak peek at samsung’s folding CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE Galaxy X:
1. Internal code name “winner”
The Galaxy X is internally code-named “Winner,” and the folded screen is 7 inches. The Galaxy X has more screen space than a traditional CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE.
Figure 1: samsung’s ultra-wide screen opens multiple Windows
The Galaxy X can be folded in half like a wallet, and the device has a smaller screen on the front, allowing it to continue to watch as it folds in half, with the camera on the back.
Samsung’s patents and prototypes show that the device can be turned on and off like a book, or on and off horizontally like a laptop. Either way, folding can combine larger screens.
In addition, the Galaxy X lets users choose to split the screen into two panels to show different things, or to show larger images, like samsung’s 48-inch ultra-wide computer monitor, but that is still based on speculation. Folding design can make your phone more vulnerable
Figure 2: broken iPhone screen
Foldable CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs can act as their own screen protectors, depending on the material of the case, but the folding may cause new problems with durability.
As DongJin Koh, a samsung executive, pointed out earlier this year: “once the phone is available, we want a good response from our customers. But we still need to address the durability issue. It is possible that the collision of two screens will have a greater impact on the phone.
Another problem with screen space is that multiple screens (external and internal) are more likely to overheat the battery.
Galaxy X may be heavier than most modern CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs
Rumors of samsung folding the Galaxy X have been swirling for years. The patents suggest it will be thicker than most CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs today. Most CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE makers have taken years to make devices thinner and thinner, and folding CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs can be like adding a layer of material to a thin phone or adding two thin phones together.
Zte’s Axon M, the market’s first foldable CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE, consists of two screens connected by mechanical hinges, but it is almost 1.5 times thicker than samsung’s Galaxy S9.
Galaxy X can be very expensive
Industry observers expect the Galaxy X to cost more than $1,500 because it requires two premium screens. Currently, samsung’s most expensive phone is the Galaxy Note 8, which starts at $960.
Figure 4: the samsung Galaxy S8 costs $960
New display technology tends to make CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs more expensive: over the past few years, consumers have seen samsung’s curved CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALEs steadily rise in price. The starting price of the latest iPhone also rose to $1,000 from $640, partly because apple replaced its LCD screen with an OLED one.
Multiple screens also require larger batteries to prevent overheating, as well as stronger processing chips. If memory and storage capacity increase, the price will also be pushed up.
Aside from the screen and overheating, Galaxy X has many unforeseen problems
Figure 5: Bixby, an ai assistant, is installed on the main screen of samsung’s Galaxy S8
New technologies almost always have problems and are not discovered until the product is on the market. By then, millions of consumers will be using it and giving their opinion on what might be overlooked in the tests.
The main function of Galaxy X, the folding screen, may have many problems, but the unique layout may also affect many other aspects of the phone, such as battery life, memory and aesthetics.
6. Samsung’s edge panel may be outdated due to the folding Galaxy X release
Figure 6: samsung Galaxy Note Edge
On the Galaxy X, samsung may lose its iconic curved edge display so it can fold up completely. Because the edge screen contains shortcuts and other fast functions, it may not be needed on a screen with more attributes.
In addition, in view of the current situation, the edge screen cannot be used at the same time as the main screen. On foldable phones, multitasking is better.
7. After the listing, the supply is greatly restricted
Figure 7: samsung Galaxy Round
In the past, samsung has always adopted a “limited supply” strategy and has proved quite effective. In 2013, samsung launched the Galaxy Round, its first attempt to launch a CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE with a curved screen that was intended to be sold in parts of Asia to learn from its mistakes and surprise more people.
In 2014, samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge, which has only one curved Edge, but eventually became the blueprint for all curved screen devices on the market. This isn’t a bad game, given the scrutiny that folding phones will face, but it does mean that our chances of seeing it early are slim, at least in the United States.
Folding phones are not the only new phone samsung is about to launch, however. Samsung is planning to launch its Galaxy Unpacked service on August 9, when it is likely to unveil a new Galaxy Note 9.
The Wall Street journal also reported that samsung is expected to launch HomePod, a rival to apple’s $300 smart speaker, at about the same time, powered by samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby.

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