The reveiw from longer cooperated Cell phone accessories wholesaler in USA

Hello, we recieved the iPhone 8 seashell Case, everything was really good on them and the quality. The engraving was on the wrong cases, we wanted them on the i phone 8 not 8 plus. I was wondering if you can send me a full catalog of your products because its a little confusing on the site because on a lot of them the codes are changing. And with our order we are having trouble seeing what we ordered. So if you can send me any catalogs because we wnt to see what we are going to order. We are hoping to order within a month. Thank you and speak soon.

thank you for the pricelist of the items, its perfect. was wondering if you had something like this for the samsung 8 and 8 plus. And anything new on the iphone 8 for cell phone accessories wholesale . Thank you and speak soon

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