iPhone 8 Custom Wood Case Cover Manufacturer offer New Models

However, I just notice the diff. of option 1 , 2 is the magnet with covered wood or without covered iPhone 8 Custom Wood Case. The difference between option 1 and 2 is that:

On the option 1, we will put a round wood mat to stuck the magnet on the bottom, we can’t see the wood mat because the wood mat is on the hole and covered by magnet.

On the option 2, we will put a wood skin size same as picture below to cover the facial of the tray bottom, then we can’t see the magnet and it won’t come off.

I have no idea why option 1 doesn’t has color deviation and save cost? Or you just mean the wood skin on magnet VS the tray color only? Yes, we mean the wood skin color and the tray color will have color deviation.

Pls kindly noted that It will produced by two parts firstly.One Production line for tray and other production for the cover skin.So they can’t from the absolutely same wood at the same time and It will have different wood grain and color. More Cell Phone accessoires wholesale is available!


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