wholesale cell phone accessories Z17 and led to a number of new models

Nubian at the show mainly in the “no frame” and “mobile phone photography expert” shows two aspects of his black science and technology, its flagship Z17 is Nubian without borders phone another masterpiece, the screen left and right sides adopted aRC3.0 without borders technology, let Z17 in appearance level graces many, very eye-catching. Many Super stores has already wholesale cell phone accessories for Z17

Cell Phone accessories wholesale

Nubian Z17 another feature is its excellent performance of mobile phones, post 23 million + 12 million pixels dual cameras, adopted at present is relatively excellent combination of wide Angle and telephoto, photo effect is good. On top of that, the Z17 also features a new version of NeoVision 7.0, which allows you to create a camera, a time camera and other interesting camera functions, and take Z17 with you to make a great movie.
The Z17 is also excellent in configuration, with a 5.5-inch screen and a better display with no border design. It has a snapdragon 835 flagship processor, and has 8GB of running ram, running smoothly. Meanwhile, Z17 also supports qualcomm’s QC4.0 fast charging technology, which makes Z17 not only an idol, but also a real force.

At the same time, the z17 mini, M2 and N2 of Nubia are also the outstanding representatives of Nubia this year. Z17mini continues the series of exquisite small screen style, level is more delicate in appearance, but also for the first time adopted the design of the dual cameras, have made a greater ability to improve, 5 inches smaller screen design, is also very suitable for girls.
This a Nubian in MWC Shanghai fair shows himself in the absence of borders and hard power in the field of mobile phones, also on the international stage once again showed his own style of science and technology, believes that the Nubian influence in the international market have greatly improved.

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