SONY’s facial recognition scans the entire head for safer use on mobile phones

Fingerprint scanning, while convenient, may not be the best way to protect your phone. There are already other possibilities for technology companies to Cell phone accessories wholesale explore identity authentication, such as iris scans used by samsung’s Galaxy S8. But with that, 3D face recognition may be the more likely technology to spread. At today’s MWC Shanghai show, SONY will showcase its technology.

It is reported that SONY will display 3D facial recognition technology on its Xperia smartphone, which should be more secure than the face of an existing phone.
We all know that some Android smartphones already have facial recognition unlocked several years ago, but it’s just 2D for face scanning. In contrast, 3D face recognition scans the user’s entire head.

Besides safety degree is higher, the 3 d facial recognition does not require the user to face on camera, even a slight tilt can also be identified, which also makes the process of unlock the phone to become more relaxed and fast. This way, users don’t have to suffer from the frustration of having to unblock multiple unlocked failures. Because the iris sensor also needs to align the eyes to the camera precisely, the 3D face recognition rate should also be faster than that.
3D facial recognition is also more convenient than a fingerprint sensor, since you don’t need to touch your phone, and when you don’t open your hands or have water on your hands, 3D face recognition is more convenient than a fingerprint sensor.
As for whether 3D face recognition is actually safer than iris/fingerprint scanning, it has to wait until after the actual test, but it does sound promising.
While what we’ll see next week is a technical demonstration, the technology may soon be adopted by smartphones. Due to show the technique is a wholly owned subsidiary of SONY SoftKinect, while SONY itself is one of the major smartphone camera supplier in the world, they may soon start sales support the technology of mobile phone cameras.

In fact, there are rumors that the iPhone 8 will support similar features. Given that apple acquired PrimeSense, a 3D sensor technology company, in 2013, the speculation has a certain factual basis.
In addition to improve security, for smartphones equipped with 3 d depth of field sensors can also open the possibility of more, such as surveying and mapping of indoor space and improve the function of augmented reality, which is also an apple in another area of inquiry. That may make it a must-have feature for a smartphone.

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