IPhone 8 on screen versus iPhone 7: the full screen is amazing!

It’s the physical Home button, and apple knows it, so big changes are coming. iPhone 8 cell phone accessories wholesale is very popular in these years.

Cell Phone accessories wholesale

One of the two most interesting images of the iPhone 8 insider, @venyageskin1, is that the iPhone 8 lights up the screen and compares it with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Have to say, to remove the iPhone Home button 8 appearance level crazy increase at the same time, the screen of increase by leaps and bounds, the contrast of the iPhone with 7, 7 Plus can be handsome a few blocks, and the new machine is equipped with a 5.8 -inch screen, but the fuselage volume than the iPhone only 7 is a bit big.
Only to ridicule is the iPhone 8 on the forehead, sensors, cameras, the receiver of a row of design, can be a bit abrupt, but this is no way to things, after all, the current technological level also.

If you buy or not, it’s up to you.

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